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Just another lap

Well my non existent audience, I have continued my pattern of abandoning you all. All this sleeping and doing very little has made me much too… distracted?… to write. Excuses aside, I have had a lovely break so far.

We will start with the obligatory update. After much lost patience, I finally have my dates for Cincinnati. Much later than I was hoping, and annoyingly close to my original scope dates in Denver. Mama says I have to cancel that, but Im still wondering. I cant change any treatment until they see what is going on. All the other specialists I was waiting to see are on hold it seems, as well. Im pretty frustrated.
As another interesting tidbit, my GJ tube got ripped out in my sleep, thanks to my restless sleeping. Balloon burst, tube came out about 6 inches, and got all coiled up in mah tummy. Not comfortable. My options for getting it changed out arent the greatest, and Im not really tolerating g feeds anyways, so I have a g button holding the stoma for now. Still debating what I want to do.

On a better note… despite the sick and the exhausted I have enjoyed my break. It has been really nice to relax extensively, hang out with  friends and family, and climb rope 🙂 I head back to school at the end of the week. Im hoping my teachers this semester are understanding and that I am able to maintain the classes I need to get done.

I will write again soon, my non-people.


“For last years words belong to last years language, and next years words await another voice” -TS Eliot


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