Starting Over

My non existant audience, I apologize again for my lack of posts. I have no excuses. I am just a bum.

Heres the medical updates. I finally got to Cinci. After a lot of discussion, we figured that I needed to get more nutrients.Scope confirmed that my GI tract is not happy with me eating food (suprise suprise), so I was given the weekend to get my J feed rates up to 60ml/hr continuously. Needless to say, that didnt happen. I went back down and had an abdominal CT to see if my original tube placement had caused torisons or adhesions on my intestines, causing the pain with feeds. It came up clear, so I was admitted to start TPN, which is less than idea. Im on that for a while. We are going to get me nourished and see what symptoms persist, hopefully getting back on enteral feeds. 
Thats the jist of it. Im pretty upset that I am back to no food, and that I can climb with the PICC line in, but Im trying to move past it in the hopes that it will wind up helping more than its sucking right now.

Ill write more later. Goodnight, my nonexistant readers.


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