Just another day

Ive neglected you again, my non-existant readers. I would apologize, but I dont know how much good that would do us!

Anyway. The obligatory medical updates.
Since last post, I went back to Cincinnati to see my doctor, get scopes, and have a permanent central line placed. It all went pretty well. We discussed the new diagnosis, talked about options and meds, and then figured out what we needed to do from there. I mentioned my continuing lower gut symptoms, but also made it clear I wanted to be able to eat a little, for fun. He thought that would be okay. Back when I was first seen at denver, my scope was actually pretty good, so he thought I could go back to those foods, as I could tolerate, assuming my scope was okay.
The central line placement went fine. I had a good time talking to my surgeon, who is an adventure athlete herself. She is more a mountaineer though (which I think is totally BA). She made sure to place my line in a way that would let me climb without causing any damage. I really apprecaited that part. I also realized just how handy having a central line was when they didnt have to stab me multiple times trying to get an IV going!
The scopes went well too. Totally different group of docs back in the OR with me, and they were super goofy. Everyone back there always thinks Im nervous because my HR is pretty high, but they dont know it just does that normally, so they try to make me laugh and relax (with jokes and meds 🙂 ). The anesthesiologist was telling me that I needed to watch him as they gave me the meds, because he would turn in to Tom Cruise, and then said Dr. P would turn into Angelina Jolie. Dr. P was quick to say he was going to turn into Brad Pitt instead though. I really love when it is relaxed when I go back. If I had any worries, I didnt after talking with all of them.
I think part of it is that they like having older patients from time to time. They can be goofy and not worry about an upset little one.

As for the results. We are switching me from amitryptaline to lyrica in the hopes that it will not make my POTS flare so much. They added levocarnatine to my TPN, as well as 1L of saline, because I have difficulty getting liquid in. My esophagus looked pretty good, with only very mild inflammation (meaning more foods!), and the rest of my gut looked decent, except for a portion of my colon, where I have active colitis. I dont really understand the description, but it was somewhere between nonspecific and crohns, with increased eosinophils but not necessarily EC. This is one of those times I just nod my head and get my new perscription, which is Pentasa. I have yet to start it because it scares me. The pills are huge!


The rest of life? Im back to climbing, which just makes everything better. I have a ways to go to get my endurance and strength back, but I have a feeling it will be well worth the effort. Ive gotten in two gym sessions and even got a pitch of trad in the last week. Sadly, I have not made much progress on the not being a whimp with my gear placements thing. I sewed up Kim’s crack pretty good this afternoon. Im really going to do my best to get in a good mental state for climbing though. I need to realize that a fall isnt the worst thing, that not trying or giving up because I am scared is not how I want to climb, or live my life for that matter. I need to figure out what really is important, and start doing all the things I want to do, in case Im not able to forever.

As much as I know all of you want to read one of my philosophy ramblings, I think I will save the rest for another day. However, I hope all of you nonexistant readers are able to take time, as the weather is turning, to do something you love. It really can make all the difference.


“I wanted water but Ill walk through the fire/ If this is what it takes to take me even higher/ Then Ill come through, like I do, when the world keeps testing me, testing me, testing me” John Mayer Trio



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2 responses to “Just another day

  1. Hi lady! didn’t know you blogged! following you- XOXOXO
    I love goofy docs going back for things–when I went to go get my temp pacer placed, Dr Ponsky’s Father, also Dr Ponsky, was goofing off pokign his head in and out of the OR room window and making faces at me. This is a very amazing man, who developed the PEG tube! loved seeing him fooling around.

    I am so excited you are climbing, makes my heart happy. “rock” on! ;D I’m so not punny!

  2. Stacy

    Seriously…inspirational 🙂 Feeling like life is what happens today, don’t wait for tomorrow. You have a semiexistant reader now

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