Hello there. Im Haley. I guess Im trying this thing again. If youve been here before, my lovely non-existant readers, I am sorry for once again abandoning you for so long. If you know me from the real world, you probably know why. If you dont… well life has been tricky the last year and a half or so, some things have made writing rather tricky. If youre new, then again, hello. Its lovely to meet you.

If you want to know about me, well, Im having a hard time coming up with anything hard and fast. I can tell you Im a climber, I love zoology.. and philosophy.. and writing.. and a lot of things, that my curiosity has a mind of its own, that I want more out of life than it usually wants to give me… but Im guessing you either know that already, will learn this quickly, or dont care. I could also tell you that I am trying to wander and explore as much as possible now that Im getting older, but we run into the same problem/
I will tell you that my medical situation is complicated. For a long time, I could give you one name and youd get the gist of it, but things are a little less simple now a days. Mitochondiral disease is my umbrella condition, we think. Everything seems to stem from that obnoxious abnormality. Eosinophilic gastroenteropathy is my oldest foe, followed by gastroparesis and intestinal dysmotility, autonomic dysfunction, and a list of others. As of late, my biggest battles have been against the (finally) diagnosed chronic regional pain syndrome, which effects my left arm and left leg mainly, and a series of pulmonary emboli and infections. My 22nd year has been tumultuous to say the least, but Im still here, and am thankful for every moment I am.

Heres to hoping this works, and the next year brings a whole lot more than the last couple have.

So, these are my stories. Some will be new, some old… some real, some fictional. Lets see what happens.

Air Ride Equipped


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